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Five Delicious Ways to Use Coconut Oil in the Kitchen


Delicious Coconuts Have Many Uses

One of my favorite ingredients to use in the kitchen is organic cold pressed coconut oil.

Coconut Oil is a hot culinary trend and it deserves to be. It has a delicious nutty flavor and a long storage life.

The cold pressed coconut oil is minimally processed so you do not miss out on the nutrients and flavor. You can purchase it in most grocery stores and health food stores. I buy mine in 5 pound tubs.

You can use coconut oil for many beauty needs as well so having a lot on hand is not such a bad thing.

The nice thing about coconut oil is that it comes in a solid form so it is not prone to spilling as long as you keep it cool enough.

To help give you some ideas of where you might use it in the kitchen I have come up with five delicious ways to use coconut oil.

1. Spread on Breads

Morning is not the same without toast, bagels or delicious homemade breads. Who can resist fresh banana, pumpkin or zucchini bread for breakfast? Instead of loading it up with butter or substitute spreads use a nice size layer of cold pressed coconut oil. Make sure the bread is not hot as it causes the coconut oil to melt.

2. Baking Breads & Cakes

When you bake breads and cakes the recipes usually call for butter and/or oil. What better way to make the bread or cake healthier than to use cold pressed coconut oil in place of other oils. While it tastes delicious baked into breads and cakes it is also a healthier fat.

3. Sauteing Vegetables

Whether you enjoy stir fry or some sautéed vegetables on the side of your main course, cold pressed coconut oil is a great alternative to butter or cooking oil. It is great for cooking fresh green beans or snap peas out of the garden in the summer. Give it a try as the coconut flavor is very mild as to not disturb the taste of the delicious vegetables.

4. Baking a Chicken or Turkey

To help keep the juices in when baking a chicken or turkey it is recommended to rub it down with oil and put it in the high heat for fifteen minutes to harden the skin. This is the perfect opportunity to use coconut oil and it tastes great on these meats as well. Try mixing it with your spices so it rubs them all over the skin as well.

5. Making French Fries

While using deep fryers requires a lot of coconut oil, you can also make French fries in a skillet. This requires less oil so you do not have to fill a deep fryer. Cutting your own potatoes and making fresh French fries is healthier because they are only friend once. Also the coconut oil adds great flavor to your homemade fries.

Whether you enjoy cooking a little or a lot, it is always nice to find a healthier alternative for yourself and your family. Cold pressed coconut oil is one of my favorite natural fats to use and it might just become one of yours. Pick up a small container and give it a try before you buy in bulk. This way you know for sure that you can enjoy the flavor of delicious organic cold pressed coconut oil.

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