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We also feature great recipes that aren’t necessarily just for dutch oven enthusiasts. Check out these spring and vegetarian recipes!

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Dutch Oven cooking originated with the cowboys in the old west.  At its roots lie hearty stews and casseroles that feature savory flavors blended together in one pot.  These cast iron pots were tied below the wagon as the settlers headed west.  They were used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything else they needed in between.  Some were even used to boil and wash laundry.

Today Dutch Oven cooking spans many cuisines and genres.  It’s just as easy to throw together an Indian Curry as it is a pot of chili in one of these versatile vessels.  Whether you’re planning on cooking on a campfire, with charcoals, or right in your own kitchen – most dutch oven recipes are versatile enough to go from one venue to another.  As long as you have the right equipment you’re set to get started.

Let Culinary Musings help you find Choose the right Dutch Oven, find amazing dutch oven recipes, and give you tips and tricks on converting your recipes from kitchen to campfire.  Join the conversation here on the blog, or connect with us in social media via Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram or Pinterest.

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