4 Amazing No Cook Ice Cream Recipes from www.CulinaryMusings.com

4 Summer Ice Cream Recipes - No Cook Method

One of the best things about summer is Ice Cream. Or really, any frozen treat. Gelato, Sorbet, Granita, Ice Cream, Frozen Margaritas..... Well, let's save the Margarita for a different post.

4 Amazing No Cook Ice Cream Recipes from www.CulinaryMusings.com

I want to talk about Ice Cream! I have been combing Pinterest for Ice Cream recipes, because I CANNOT WAIT until it's time to mix up these delicious treats.

I'm waiting on delivery of my new Ice Cream machine though - mine had a mishap this winter as it came crashing down from the top of the freezer - it was a sad sad day as parts went EVERYWHERE!

I have a few requirements for Ice Cream recipes - here they are:

  1. Hopefully No Cook - I cant always get this one, but if I can - I don't want to have to heat or scald milk to make my ice cream, I just want to mix and go - I'm lazy like that
  2. Fruit and Nuts don't go together - Strawberry walnut? Gross!  Chocolate and nuts, fine - peanut butter, caramel and nuts? Super - but don't put fruit and nuts together in my ice cream.  Ick.
  3. No crazy ingredients - I live in the middle of nowhere, I cannot buy Meyer Lemons, or Kefir Lime Leaves... don't ask me to, because it's a 3 hour drive to a metropolitan area - or I have to wait for Amazon to deliver - by the time I get them, I'm bored with the thought of even attempting the recipe.

Here are the recipes I CANNOT WAIT to try this summer - please add yours in the comments or on Facebook,  I'd love to add to my list!


Easy Lemon Ice Cream {Skinny} from CrazyforCrust.com.  This one is crazy simple, and looks so tasty - I can't wait!  I'm not a gigantic fan of cool whip, so I might try it with my own whipped cream and see if it still works.






No Cook Coffee Ice Cream from What's Cookin' Chicago Blog.  I LOVE LOVE coffee ice cream.  No heating here, and it's actually from an Emeril Lagasse recipe, so it has to be tasty!




Copycat Moose Tracks Ice Cream from TheBlackPeppercorn.com.  IT's Moosetracks, not much more needs to be said - Vanilla Ice Cream, chunks of Peanut Butter cups and chocolate sauce..... heaven in a bowl





No Cook Strawberry Margarita Ice Cream - from Cookistry.com.  Ice Cream, plus maragarita = one happy girl!


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