Restaurant Manager Career Option

Restaurant Management As A Possible Career Field

The most successful careers are ones you love. This is advice given time after time by career counselors. Figure out what you enjoy doing and find a way to make a living doing it.

Many people love cooking and working with food. If you're someone who loves creating culinary delights and love working with people, you might consider a career in restaurant management. Whether you work in fine dining, fast food, or somewhere in between, the restaurant management career allows individuals with multiple talents and skills to enjoy a rewarding career in a fast-paced high demand industry.

Career Path Now Starts With Culinary School

At one time the normal career path for restaurant management began in positions such as server or cook/chef and individuals worked their way up over time. Now food establishments look for candidates who have been trained in schools offering hospitality and restaurant management. If you're serious about a restaurant management career and you don't want to wait years to begin, then consider a reputable culinary institution that offers hospitality training. (Worried about the costs of culinary school? Check out our article on student financial aid.)

To become a successful restaurant manager requires a diverse mix of talents and personal strengths. One must always remember that the food industry is very demanding and requires a strong work ethic. Expect to work long hours including weekends and holidays, and fill in when employees call out or fail to show up. You will be required to be on your feet nearly all the time, so that's something to consider as well. Other important skills to have:

Management and Good Organization skills. The restaurant manager typically is in charge of hiring and training new employees, scheduling the work week, keeping existing employees motivated and updated on changes in policy and/or procedure. Restaurant managers hand out weekly paychecks, settle workplace disputes, and oversee that all shifts are covered and jobs are being carried out in an adequate fashion. They do all these jobs in addition to overseeing the food establishment's daily operation.

Business and finance skills. Accounting and business sense are important. The restaurant managers may also be responsible for budgeting, bookkeeping, managing inventory costs, running/analyzing reports that are used to track profits and expenses.

In-Depth Knowledge. Anyone who works as a restaurant manager should possess enough job knowledge on all aspects of the restaurant to be able to easily fill-in in an employee's absence - whether it's cook, chef, dishwasher, host, maitre di or wait staff. They have to be able to wear many hats.

Good People and Customer services skills. Restaurant managers have to possess good diplomacy skills. They are expected to keep the peace and ensure the establishment runs smoothly. They make the rounds during normal hours; ensure that the service and food meet the satisfaction of the customers, and that everything in the dining room is clean, orderly, and running smoothly. If customer complaints arise, the restaurant manager is expected to address and resolve such issues calmly and efficiently. Good judgment and diplomacy are highly valuable.

Challenging Rewarding Career Option

Are you up for the challenge? Its not an easy job, but its rewarding and a growing field. If you're a hardworking individual who enjoys dealing with people in a fast-paced, food service setting, then restaurant management could very well be your calling.

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