Rainy Day Food Fun for Kids

When it comes to entertaining children it is important to be very creative. The more thinking the children need to do the more they get involved. On a rainy day food projects are great for kids and help keep their mind off of the lousy weather. Here are some fun food projects to try the next time you are stuck at home with the kids on a rainy cold day.


Whether you use grandma’s secret recipe or something out of the cook book it is more fun when you bake from scratch. The kids can help you measure the ingredients, pour things into different bowls and mix the batter. The more you let them do the more opportunities for learning.

Once the cupcakes cool have fun decorating them with colored frosting and sprinkles. This will give the children something to look forward to after dinner that night or to bring in their lunch the next day.


Baking cookies can be a great project for the kids when they are stuck in the house. With many different types to choose from there is sure to be a cookie for every kid out there. Sugar cookies are always a fun choice because they can be decorated after they cool.

Let the kids use their imagination and shape the cookies different ways or roll and use cookie cutters with the dough. Also make sure they take part in every step of making the dough because there is a lot of math and coordination involved that is great for learning.


Baking a cake for someone else or the family is always fun and a rainy day is the perfect excuse to break out the mixing bowls. Have your kids’ help you find the ingredients in the kitchen and measure them out with measuring cups and spoons. Then once the cake is cooled decorate the cake with frosting.

Allow your kids to read and follow the directions themselves if they are old enough. Following directions is important and teaches the children how to do so while having fun. This is just like projects and activities in school that have instructions.

Include Your Kids

Whether you enjoy making sweet treats or want to do another cooking project it is really nice to include your kids. The different processes involved in preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner are wonderful learning opportunities. This type of exposure might spark your child’s interest in preparing their own food.

It does not matter how old or young your children are when it comes to teaching them about cooking or baking. Since you must prepare food every day allowing them to be involved is a bonus. Always remember that baking and cooking projects are wonderful at keeping kids busy in constructive ways when there is free time.

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