Simply Delicious and Easy Bean Dip Recipe

By: Alexine

Over the years of social events and get-togethers I had to find a recipe that even lousy cooks could master. I wanted something that was easy and required little preparation as I lacked experience in the kitchen. Anyhow, here is the wonderful bean dip recipe that has gotten me very far with guests.

What You Need:

• 1 – Large can of vegetarian baked beans (so you don’t have to remove pork)
• 1 – Small bag of shredded cheese (whichever type your taste buds like)
• 1 – Box of cream cheese
• Garlic powder if you want a hint of extra flavor (optional)
• 1 – Small glass baking dish (pie size works great)
• 1 – Bag of tortilla chips


• First pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F.
• Next, take cream cheese and smear evenly across bottom of glass dish.
• Then, drain baked beans and pour over cream cheese in dish. Make sure they are evenly spread out as well.
• Finally, sprinkle shredded cheese over beans evenly creating a blanket where you don’t see any of the beans.
• If you want to add garlic, this is the time to sprinkle a little over the top before putting it into the oven.
• Bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees F. If you pull it out and it is still a little cool in the middle, put back in for another 15 minutes. You want to make sure all the cheese on top is melted and typically it is boiling around the edges.
• Take out of the oven once ready and serve with bowl of tortilla chips. If children are involved make sure and let cool for a few minutes until the glass is not hot enough to burn. Enjoy!

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