Dutch Oven Book Review: One Pot Meals

I really wanted to love this book - the photo on the cover looks so inviting and I thought the recipes would be right up our alley - all being one pot dutch oven meals.

I was pretty disappointed.  Here's my book review.....

Glorious One Pot Meals Dutch Oven Cookbook Review

Glorious One Pot Meals
A cookbook chock full of recipes designed to go in one pot, like my Tramontina Enameled Dutch Oven
I wanted to love it - but it was very decidedly written for a cook that lives in a large city with many different types of grocery and ethnic markets to hand. Many of the recipes had at least 20-30% of their ingredients I couldnt even BUY here, let alone make the recipe! Getting lamb where I live is next to impossible. Many of the spices called for like cardamom pods, etc mean mail-order. I wanted to love the book, but it just wasn't my thing. Many of the flavor combinations had my kids running in horror also. Things like eggplant and curry and tempeh definitely require a much more sophisticated palate than any of us possess. The kids absolutely refused to eat anything called "peanut butter stew" no matter what the ingredients were. I would have liked to see more photography in the book as well. The only photos were on the front and back cover. I like to SEE what I'm making before I go to much bother. All in all, I think - for a certain audience - this might be a quite nice book. Unfortunately for mine, it was a dud.
Written by: Elizabeth Yarnell
Date published: 01/06/2009
2 / 5 stars

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